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2021 09-12

Application field distribution of quality reinforced connector

The top five application areas for global sales of quality reinforced connectors are: automobiles, computers and peripherals, communications, industrial equipment, and aerospace and military use.
2021 09-06

What are the characteristics of reinforced connector

Nowadays, the relevant departments researching electronic products continuously innovate and improve the existing electrical equipment system through the continuous introduction of advanced electrical equipment production concepts.
2021 08-31

Composition and function of optitap connector

The optitap connector is a passive optical device that uses a certain mechanical and optical structure to precisely connect the two end faces of the optical fiber with an adapter to achieve physical contact between the end faces of the optical fiber
2021 08-16

The safety maintenance of optitap connector is very important

As an indispensable product in our lives, optitap connector is getting closer and closer to our production and life. To put it simply, in our family, as the basic connection of digital and electrical equipment optap connectors, they have entered thousands of families.
2021 08-10

What is the role of optitap connector

Speaking of optical fiber, I believe everyone will be familiar with it. The full name of optical fiber is called optical fiber. It is a fiber made of glass or plastic that can be used as a tool for light transmission.
2021 08-02

What should be paid attention to when choosing ez rj45 connectors

Ez rj45 connectors are an indispensable part of electronic equipment. If you observe along the path of current flow, you will always find one or more ez rj45 connectors. Ez rj45 connectors are a coupling device that connects electrical terminals to form a circuit.
2021 07-26

Selection of CAT6 EZ connectors

This article introduces the selection method of the CAT6 EZ connectors
2021 07-16

The difference between rj45 cat6 pass through connectors and CAT.6A

The production process is different: in the RJ45 connector, there is a certain difference in the diagonal distance between the rj45 cat6 pass through connectors and the CAT6A in the production process;
2021 07-09

How to replace cat5e pass through connectors

The crimping tool can cut the broken ends of cat5e pass through connectors. Just pass the cable through the tool and squeeze the handle, cut it with a blade, just make sure that the cable is long enough to meet your needs.
2021 07-02

The structure of optitap connector

The main purpose of optitap connector is to realize optical fiber connection. Optitap connectors, which have been widely used in optical fiber communication systems, have many types and different structures.

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