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2021 12-08

What is the difference between China optitap fiber connector and cold connector

The optical fiber cold splicer has the same structure principle as the pre-embedded China optitap fiber connector. It is a sub-product of the China optitap fiber connector.
2021 12-01

What is the performance of the quality optitap fiber connector

The performance of the quality optitap fiber connector, first of all, the optical performance, in addition to the interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature and insertion and removal times of the fiber optic connector.
2021 11-24

Application of quality optitap fiber connector

The main purpose of the quality optitap fiber connector is to realize the connection of optical fibers. Optical fiber connectors, which have been widely used in optical fiber communication systems, have many types and different structures.
2021 11-17

Classification of optitap fiber connectors

The optitap fiber connectors are used in a wide variety of applications. In the actual application process, we generally distinguish according to the structure of optitap fiber connector.
2021 11-10

Test the reliability of ez rj45 connectors for sensors

Reliable measurement data of ez rj45 connectors is very important to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment, especially when testing the connectors specially used by the sensor, a variety of environmental factors need to be considered, and accurate data transmission is required even in the case of vibration The miniaturized connector solution.
2021 11-03

RJ45 through connector manufacturers explain the impact of the introduction of wafer chips on the connector market

As far as the entire rj45 through connector market is concerned, except for certain parts of the industry that are experiencing the impact of the crisis, almost all products use connectors because they are the basic components of electronic products.
2021 10-27

The role of rj45 through connector

The rj45 through connector is mainly used to connect data, signals and power between network equipment and mechanical facilities. It is also called connectors, plugs and sockets. It is inseparable from both in daily life and industrial production.
2021 10-20

Classification of huawei optical connector

The huawei optical connector is to install connectors on both ends of a section of optical fiber for optical wiring.
2021 10-13

Precautions for the production of huawei fiber optic connectors

As a kind of electronic connection components, huawei fiber optic connectors have a very wide range of applications in our production and work. Many current technology products are used for signal transmission, and the connection between plates and plates.
2021 10-07

What is the role of optitap adapter

A standard optitap adapter is used to interface the various components of optitap to the host. optitap protocol works by sending a special form of "packet stream".

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