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2021 06-10

Application of Huawei Fast Connector

Huawei Fast Connector is suitable for single-mode fiber optic cables with single-mode cable, which can be quickly terminated and interconnected in the field. The color of the V-groove compression-fixed cover with a screw locking device at the tail of the Huawei Fast Connector is black, and the length of the cable at the household end is controllable.
2021 06-03

What is ez rj45 crimper

Through hole ez rj45 crimper Generally, this ez rj45 crimper also has the functions of stripping and cutting. Three-purpose network cable pliers, multi-functional, sturdy and durable, are a standing tool for modern families in the information age.
2021 05-25

Selection principle of reinforced connector

Reinforced connector current requirements: high current, low current, signal level; determines the type of terminal/size of contact section/steady state, cycle, transient, wire diameter/insulation layer requirements: voltage drop and/or corrosion resistance; Determines the center distance of the connector.
2021 05-17

Principle and performance analysis of optitap connector

The principle and performance analysis of optitap connector There are currently more than 70 types of optitap connectors in the world, and new varieties are still emerging, but the mainstream varieties on the market are still the precision ceramic ferrules and ceramic tubes with a diameter of φ2.5mm that were used earlier ( Such as FC, SC, ST, etc.) composed of connectors.
2021 05-07

What is optitap fiber connector?

With the development of the Internet, office and life are inseparable from the network, and we who use the network every day know very little about network fiber information. Everyone is familiar with the term optical fiber, but many people have not heard of the optitop fiber connector.
2021 04-28

What is the difference between ez cat5e connectors and cat6 ez connectors?

Different classification: ez cat5e connectors and cat6 ez connectors correspond to two different types of network cables. cat5e belongs to the super five network cables, while cat6 belongs to the six network cables. Although the classification is different, the two work on the same principle, and both have the same type of RJ-45 plug, and can be plugged into any Ethernet jack on a computer, router, or other similar devices.
2021 04-21

What is the difference between ez cat5e connectors, cat6 ez connectors, Cat6a and Cat7 network cables?

Here, this article This article will compare the widely used ez cat5e connectors, cat6 ez connectors, Cat6a network cables and Cat7 network cables in the market to help you choose the right connectors.
2021 04-14

Little knowledge about ez rj45 crimper

Among the commonly used tools of electricians, ez rj45 crimper is a tool used to connect wires such as copper and aluminum. Here, I will talk about the classification of crimping tools and the use of crimping tools for your reference. ez rj45 crimper is a wire crimping pliers. It is a tool for cold pressing to connect copper, aluminum and other wires. It is often used in aluminum stranded wire and steel core aluminum stranded wire laying facilities. And often used with ez rj45 connectors.
2021 04-08

What is ez rj45 connectors?

The ez rj45 connectors are the transparent plugs that connect the network card or HUB, and are used to connect the two ends of the twisted pair. RJ-45 is a network interface specification, and similarly there is the RJ-11 interface, which is the "telephone interface" we usually use to connect to the telephone line. The reason why it is called crystal head in China is because of its crystal clear appearance.
2021 03-29

Performance of quality huawei fiber optic connectors

Huawei fiber optic connectors are devices for detachable connection between optical fiber and optical fiber. It precisely connects the two end faces of the optical fiber so that the light energy output by the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber to the maximum extent

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