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CIOE's ICT exposition helps the entire industry connect and recover

2020-09-15 00:00

When the world's economy hit the PAUSE button and are forced to still under COVID-19, China's exhibition economy has recovered and on its way of reset.  Recently CIOE (China International Optoelectronic Exposition), was successfully held at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center with 89,294 visitors. The increased number of exhibitors and visitors moved everybody onsite with the confidence of optoelectronic industry. They were gathering at this three-day event and looking for potential partners and market trends.


Information and communication as one of the most important areas in the optoelectronics has been involved in each part of our daily life. With the development of 5G commercial applications and data center deployment, it brings the growth of optical communications chips and materials, optical fiber & cabler, and optical test & measurement devices.


CIOE 2020 - Information and Communication Expo was launched at the new venue taking 3 halls in total of 60,000 m2 exhibition space and focusing on the entire ICT supply chain, as Hall 4 covered the optical instrumentation, system equipment, and production equipment. Hall 6 included passive components, fiber and cable, fiber optic sensing, cable and ancillary equipment, and data center. Hall 8 consisted of chip and components, modules and wireless communication devices. Leading companies such as Phograin, CIG, InnoLight, Hisense Broadband, HiSilicon, MACOM, Gigalight, Shijia, Mitsubishi, SENKO, SDG, O-NET, Luster Optical, and Eoptolink were exhibiting in Hall 4/6/8. Also, Sifotonnics, Applied Optoelectronics, InSiGa, and Lothing Technology debuted at CIOE 2020. Professional peers crowded each booth and networked face-to-face.


The next-generation all-optical network is accelerated by emerging technologies and 5G commercial applications. The Optical Network Alliance (ONA) aims to gather all parties from the upstream to the downstream in the industry and started its debut in CIOE 2020. Members such as Huawei, Nokia, YOFC, FiberHome, Digital China, China Overseas Property Holdings, and SHIP shared the all-optical network products, solutions, new ideas and technologies. Mr. Zeyu Chen, Director-General of the ONA, pointed out that he found the optoelectronic peers from the whole industry ecosystem in CIOE 2020 are highly compatible with ONA's orientations and missions. He expects to find more in-depth collaboration with CIOE to extend the influence and operations of ONA in the industry.


Concurrently, information communication forums invited leading industry companies such as ZTE, China Unicom, and Huawei to share the development of all-optical network in 5G era. Also, Accelink, Mindsemi, MACOM, HGGenuine, and SONT presented 5G and new generation optoelectronic devices, chips and optoelectronics integration technology innovation. Due to the epidemic, some international presentations such as the analysts from Yole gave the excellent speeches regarding the optical transceiver applications within the optical communication industry via Zoom. Attendees and speakers from online and onsite discussed the industry and market questions without the limits of time and place.


Despite most of the optoelectronic peers under the pressure of the international situation and epidemic to expand the business at overseas, the market revenue in China has increased and even improved over the last several months. The development of China's new infrastructure construction, 5G optical network and data center, as well as the deployment of the optical communication which further drive the information and communication industry. Then, CIOE Information and Communication Expo as the most influential ICT event in China will be your ideal platform to enter this market and build the connection with the partners and customers.

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