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2022 07-28

Connection steps of customized optitap connector

Through the understanding of the customized optitap connector, we can see that the customized optitap connector has excellent performance and outstanding function, and its application scope will not only realize the connection of optical fibers
2022 07-18

Connection steps for quality optitap connector

When it comes to optical fiber, I believe everyone is familiar with it. The full name of optical fiber is called optical fiber. It is a kind of fiber made of glass or plastic that can be used as a light transmission tool.
2022 07-08

Docking principle of optitap connector products

The optitap connector products are devices for detachable (active) connection between optical fibers and optical fibers. It precisely butts the two end faces of optical fibers so that the light energy output from the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber to the greatest extent.
2022 07-01

The main connection method of quality optitap connector

The quality optitap connector fixed connection. It is mainly used for permanent connection between optical fibers in optical cable lines. It is characterized by small joint loss and high mechanical strength.
2022 06-22

What is the structure of the quality optitap connector

Splices, permanent connections, or connectors can all form fiber-to-fiber connections, which, as opposed to plugging in, can be disconnected and reconnected. With the development of application fields, the types of quality optitap connectors are varied.
2022 06-15

What are the key points for choosing optitap connector products

The optitap connector products are movable mechanisms between optical fibers and optical fiber connection devices. Its function is to place the optical fiber on two precise platform surfaces, so that the light output of the light energy can reach the optical fiber coupler receiving the optical fiber to the maximum extent
2022 06-08

What are the performance of china optitap connector

The performance of the china optitap connector, first of all, the optical performance, in addition to the interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature and insertion and removal times of the optical fiber connector.
2022 06-01

The structure of china optitap connector

When installing any fiber optic system, consideration must be given to connecting optical fibers or cables to each other in a low-loss method to achieve optical link splicing. The connection of optical fiber links can be divided into two types: permanent and active.
2022 05-25

How to choose the right Huawei FastConnect

When choosing the connector for the power signal, pay more attention to the current carrying capacity of the Huawei FastConnect, adopt a derating design, and pay attention to the insulation withstand voltage between the pins.
2022 05-18

The secret to easily picking ez rj45 connectors

When many users choose ez rj45 connectors, they have racked their brains and have not made the final purchase. As a professional rj45 engineer, I can't help but wonder, is it really so difficult to choose ez rj45 connectors?

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