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2023 03-23

ez crimper supplier tell you the biggest difference between crimping and soldering

ez crimper supplier tells you: First of all, crimp-type connectors provide great convenience. Assembly can usually be completed within a few minutes, providing high-quality connections, which can greatly save operating steps and time, thereby achieving cost reduction and efficiency gains.
2023 03-16

ez crimper supplier introduces the selection of crimping and soldering

ez crimper supplier will introduce to you the choice of connector crimping and soldering methods. Welding method and crimping method There are several types of connectors: screw-in, screw-terminal, solder or crimp, with the latter two being the more common for most signal connections.
2023 03-10

Precautions for ez crimper

Precautions for ez crimper: Pay attention to the depth of the crimping of the connector, don't think that a little contact is enough, that is wrong. Because the crimping depth of different equipment is different, as those professionals said, if the connector is not strictly paid attention to when crimping, it will lead to unqualified products, and it will cause serious problems if consumers use it. Loss.
2023 03-03

Precautions for using ez crimper

In daily life, many electronic devices around us use ez crimper, such as for data transmission or charging. Generally, we connect devices by crimping connectors, and we need to use standardized methods when crimping connectors.
2023 02-27

Application scenarios of huawei fiber optic connectors

Optical communication transmission technology has attracted widespread attention due to its excellent transmission characteristics such as large communication capacity, high fidelity, strong anti-interference ability, and abundant raw material sources.
2023 02-14

The structure of huawei optical connector

Connectors, permanent connections or huawei optical connectors can form fiber-to-fiber connections, which are different from plugging in and can be disconnected and reconnected.
2023 02-07

The docking principle of huawei optical connector

Huawei optical connector, as the name implies, is a device that enables a flexible connection between one optical fiber and another optical fiber. It precisely butts the two end faces of the optical fiber
2023 01-31

What should be paid attention to when using ez rj45 connectors

When operating ez rj45 connectors, in order to ensure its correct operation, one should fully understand and be familiar with its operation method. Some circular electrical connectors do not have anti-misoperation.
2022 12-09

What are the advantages of rj45 through connector

The rj45 through connector is a kind of electronic components with waterproof function for working in water. Power cords can be placed inside them to provide normal, safe and reliable power and signal transmission.
2022 12-02

Types of rj45 pass through connector

The rj45 pass through connector, also known as RJ45 Modular Plug, is used for the termination of data cables to realize the connection and change between equipment and distribution frame modules.

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