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2022 10-10

Selection of CAT6 EZ connectors

This article introduces the selection method of the CAT6 EZ connectors
2022 09-30

Several commonly used Field Installable Connectors are introduced in detail

There are many kinds of Field Installable Connectors on the market, and they are not interoperable with each other. People who are not in touch with optical fiber often may mistakenly think that the Field Installable Connectors of GBIC and SFP modules are the same, but they are not.
2022 09-19

What is the difference between ez cat5e connectors and cat6 ez connectors?

Different classification: ez cat5e connectors and cat6 ez connectors correspond to two different types of network cables. cat5e belongs to the super five network cables, while cat6 belongs to the six network cables. Although the classification is different, the two work on the same principle, and both have the same type of RJ-45 plug, and can be plugged into any Ethernet jack on a computer, router, or other similar devices.
2022 09-09

Little knowledge about ez rj45 crimper

Among the commonly used tools of electricians, ez rj45 crimper is a tool used to connect wires such as copper and aluminum. Here, I will talk about the classification of crimping tools and the use of crimping tools for your reference. ez rj45 crimper is a wire crimping pliers. It is a tool for cold pressing to connect copper, aluminum and other wires. It is often used in aluminum stranded wire and steel core aluminum stranded wire laying facilities. And often used with ez rj45 connectors.
2022 09-02

What huawei fiber optic connectors? What types of huawei fiber optic connectors are there?

This is an indispensable component in optical fiber transmission lines, optical fiber distribution frames, and so on. Huawei fiber optic connectors are commonly known as flexible connectors, and generally called huawei fiber optic connectors. Not many people can accurately explain its principle and Type, the following article explains in detail the principle and type of huawei fiber optic connectors.
2022 08-26

What is quality cable fiber optic? Which company is better?

Cable fiber optic produced by Shenzhen Angnet Technology co., Ltd.,that is durable enough for outdoor environments and flexible enough for tight bends within residences.
2022 08-19

What is the difference between China optitap fiber connector and cold connector

The optical fiber cold splicer has the same structure principle as the pre-embedded China optitap fiber connector. It is a sub-product of the China optitap fiber connector.
2022 08-12

The main purpose and use of optitap connector

With the rapid development of large-bandwidth and ultra-high-speed optical fiber communication technology, the requirements for future communication transmission quality are becoming more and more stringent.
2022 08-05

What are optitap connectors used for

As the name suggests, optitap connector is a device that connects one optical fiber with another optical fiber. It is a connecting device that can be repeatedly plugged and inserted between optical fibers, so it is also widely known as optical fiber active connector.
2022 07-28

Connection steps of customized optitap connector

Through the understanding of the customized optitap connector, we can see that the customized optitap connector has excellent performance and outstanding function, and its application scope will not only realize the connection of optical fibers

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