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2022 03-09

Application of waterproof rj45 pass through connectors in real scenes

As a practitioner in the component industry, you must not be unfamiliar with rj45 pass through connectors. In our electronic equipment, we often encounter rj45 connector products.
2022 03-02

Advantages of rj45 pass through connector

The rj45 pass through connector is a waterproof electronic component for working in water. Power cords can be placed inside them to provide normal, safe and reliable power supply and signal transmission.
2022 02-23

What are the main functions of ez crimp rj45 connectors

The core of the ez crimp rj45 connectors is the modular jack, the gold-plated wire or socket hole can maintain a stable and reliable electrical connection with the modular plug shrapnel.
2022 02-16

Advantages of ez rj45 connectors

The ez rj45 connectors are improved based on through-hole connectors and are suitable for reflow soldering process, soldering on the surface of printed circuit boards, aluminum substrates, copper substrates, and ceramic substrates, without the need for through-hole connectors.
2022 02-09

How to choose high quality optitap connector

When you need to use optitap connectors, you will definitely choose and purchase on the market, but do you really know how to choose correctly? The following will introduce you how to choose a high-quality optitap connector, so that you can Easily avoid all kinds of blind spots, stop buying foolishly!
2022 01-26

What's the secret to buying cat6 ez connectors

In the component industry, there are a lot of cat6 ez connectors. As a buyer, how should you buy cat6 ez connectors? Regarding the purchase of cat6 ez connectors, the following will share with you some experience in purchasing cat6 ez connectors.
2022 01-19

How to choose a high-quality reinforced connector manufacturer

In the component market, more and more connector products have waterproof performance, and the waterproof demand of connectors has gradually become a trend. So do you know which manufacturer of reinforced connectors is better, and about which manufacturer of reinforced connectors is good, let's analyze this problem for you.
2022 01-12

The secret to easily picking ez rj45 connectors

When many users choose ez rj45 connectors, they racked their brains and did not make the final purchase. As a professional ez rj45 connectors engineer, I can't help but wonder, is it really so difficult to choose ez rj45 connectors?
2022 01-05

Precautions for use of quality huawei mini sc adapter

The quality huawei mini sc adapter is also called optical fiber connector, which is an optical passive device often used in optical fiber communication systems. Let's take a detailed look at the parameters of the quality huawei mini sc adapter.
2022 12-29

What is quality huawei mini sc adapter

The quality huawei mini sc adapter is a detachable (movable) connection device between optical fibers to minimize the impact on the system due to its involvement in the optical link, which is the basic requirement of fiber optic connectors.

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