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What should be paid attention to when using ez rj45 connectors

2023-01-31 13:43

What should be paid attention to when using ez rj45 connectors:

When operating ez rj45 connectors, in order to ensure its correct operation, one should fully understand and be familiar with its operation method. Some circular electrical connectors do not have anti-misoperation. In order to ensure correct positioning during connection, it is also possible to check whether the appropriate model corresponds before connection. In order to prevent damage to the aviation plug and cause external electrical contact, special attention should be paid to prevent mis-insertion of the pin socket. It is also necessary to ensure that the ez rj45 connectors are connected in place, especially in some special occasions that are not easy to check, but also to make detailed regulations in the corresponding operating procedures, and to check through the sight glass.

ez rj45 connectors

When ez rj45 connectors are terminated, they should be terminated and inspected strictly according to the corresponding termination specifications or requirements, and should be terminated according to the corresponding node serial number. The thickness of the insulation layer between the selected cable conductors should match the spacing of the contacts, and the cable core should match the terminals of the contacts.

When soldering ez rj45 connectors, if you want to choose the electric soldering iron with the corresponding power, you should choose according to the diameter of the spiral. When soldering, the soldering time of each contact should not exceed 5 seconds. In order to avoid the decrease of the insulation resistance of the product, care should be taken not to let the flux infiltrate insulator.


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