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What should be paid attention to when choosing ez rj45 connectors

2021-08-02 10:37

Ez rj45 connectors are an indispensable part of electronic equipment. If you observe along the path of current flow, you will always find one or more ez rj45 connectors. Ez rj45 connectors are a coupling device that connects electrical terminals to form a circuit. It can realize the connection between wires, cables, printed circuit boards and electronic components, so it is widely used in electronic equipment.

ez rj45 connectors

With the different application objects, application environment, frequency and power, the form and structure of ez rj45 connectors are also ever-changing. There are more and more common types of ez rj45 connectors, so when we choose ez rj45 connectors, what should we pay attention to?

1. Electrical parameters

ez rj45 connectors are mostly connected to electrical components to transmit current or signals. Therefore, they have strict requirements on electrical parameters, including rated voltage and rated current.

2. Environmental parameters

Environmental parameters mainly include ambient temperature, humidity, sudden temperature changes, and corrosive environments. The environment of ez rj45 connectors during use, transportation and storage has a significant impact on its performance, so the corresponding ez rj45 connectors must be selected according to the actual environmental conditions.

3. Ambient temperature

The metal material and insulating material of ez rj45 connectors determine the working environment temperature of the connector. High temperature will destroy the edge material, causing the insulation resistance and pressure resistance to decrease; for metals, high temperature can make the contact pair lose its elasticity, accelerate oxidation and cause coating deterioration.

4. Humidity

Long-term exposure to high humidity will cause the absorption and diffusion of water vapor on the surface of the insulator, which will easily reduce the insulation resistance to the point that it will cause physical deformation, causing electrolysis, corrosion and cracks. For ez rj45 connectors located outside the equipment, environmental conditions such as humidity, water seepage and pollution are often considered. In this case, sealed ez rj45 connectors should be used.

5. Connection method

The connection mode refers to the connection mode between the contact pair of ez rj45 connectors and the wire or cable. At present, the main connection methods are welding, crimping, winding, piercing connection, screw connection and so on. Reasonable choice of connection method and correct use of connection technology are also an important aspect of using and choosing ez rj45 connectors.

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