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What is the structure of the quality optitap connector

2022-06-22 10:55

Splices, permanent connections, or connectors can all form fiber-to-fiber connections, which, as opposed to plugging in, can be disconnected and reconnected. With the development of application fields, the types of quality optitap connectors are varied. Different connector types have different characteristics, different advantages and disadvantages, and different performance parameters. But all connectors contain four basic components.

quality optitap connector

Ferrule: The quality optitap connector is installed in a long thin-walled cylinder, and the ferrule acts as a fiber alignment mechanism. The middle hole of the ferrule has a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the fiber cladding. The end of the fiber is at the end of the ferrule. Typically the ferrule is made of metal or pottery, but may also be plastic.

Connector body: Also known as connector housing, the connector body accommodates the ferrule. Typically the connector body is made of metal or plastic and includes one or more assembled pieces that hold the quality optitap connector in place. The specifics of these connector body assemblies vary by connector model, but welding and/or flanging are typically used to install strength members and cable jackets on the connector body. The ferrule extends over the connector head and snaps into the coupling device.

Fiber optic cable: The fiber optic cable is installed on the connector body. Its function is the input point of the optical fiber. Typically, a strain relief shield is installed over the splice between the cable and the connector body to provide additional strength to the splice.

Connections: Most quality optitap connectors do not use the male-female configuration commonly used in electrical connections. The structure used is a locating sleeve for the mating connector. Similar devices can be mounted on fiber optic transmitters and receivers, which can be mated using a single connector. These devices are also known as pass-through bulkhead adapters.

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