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What is the role of optitap adapter

2021-10-07 13:21

A standard optitap adapter is used to interface the various components of optitap to the host. optitap protocol works by sending a special form of "packet stream". A data packet is exchanged between two packets depending on which side of the socket they're communicating on. It's up to the host to implement any other protocol or extensions.Optitap ProtocolSince optitap is based on TCP/IP, each protocol has its own set of rules and conventions. protocol specification is documented in RFC 2563 which is a superset of RFC 2388.The optitap protocol supports three basic concepts:Interceptors –y intercept the packets sent by the sender and return back the packet information. This allows the sender to verify whether the incoming packet contains their requested information. It also allows for the receiver to send a valid packet.

optitap adapter
The optitap adapter is a component that comes with the Google Maps API that is used to connect to some internal maps APIs. It is implemented in three pieces: the MapsAdapterView, as the main presenter of the optitap component, a custom map adapter that uses the map's API to pull data from a separate external repository, and a view that renders the data for the adapter. The adapter's class includes code that makes the call to Google Maps APIs at runtime and that checks for errors that indicate the adapter has not been initialized properly before attempting to make the request.If you connect to an external source repository, which is either OData or a service provider with a MapSource, you use the optitap adapter's methods to display the data from the repository.
Optitap adapter is useful for recording and editing your data. On the first press of the key you click on the icon, which looks like this:After this you'll see all your recorded data.Using the dataFirst you need to record an action:After you start recording, you'll see a brief summary screen with information such as events, action actions and other data.You can choose between a single action, repeat the recording or set a delay before recording. For the first recording you'll automatically set the delay to be set to a reasonable long time and for the rest of the recordings you can adjust it manually.For more detailed information about recording sessions and recording time, you can read more about record recording below.Using the dataNow you can choose which camera in your studio you want to record into.

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