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What is the difference between ez cat5e connectors and cat6 ez connectors?

2022-09-19 17:49

1. Different classification: ez cat5e connectors and cat6 ez connectors correspond to two different types of network cables. cat5e belongs to the super five network cables, while cat6 belongs to the six network cables. Although the classification is different, the two work on the same principle, and both have the same type of RJ-45 plug, and can be plugged into any Ethernet jack on a computer, router, or other similar devices.

ez cat5e connectors

2.The difference in transmission bandwidth: The transmission frequency bandwidth of ez cat5e connectors is 100MHz, while the transmission frequency bandwidth of cat6 ez connectors is 250MHz. There is a clear gap between the two.

3. The difference between the highest transmission speed and distance: ez cat5e connectors are used in Gigabit Ethernet, the transmission distance can reach 100m, and it can support 1000Mbps transmission speed. cat6 ez connectors can provide up to 10Gbps transmission speed in 250MHz bandwidth. Cat6 is most suitable for applications with a transmission rate of 1Gbps.

4.The difference between using 10GBASE-T applications: ez cat5e connectors and cat6 ez connectors have a transmission distance of 100m, but when using 10GBASE-T applications, the maximum transmission distance of cat6 ez connectors can reach 55 meters.

5. The difference in transmission performance: cat6 ez connectors have an internal splitter, which can reduce interference or near-end crosstalk. Compared with ez cat5e connectors, it also improves far-end crosstalk and has lower return loss and insertion loss.

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