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What is the difference between ez cat5e connectors, cat6 ez connectors, Cat6a and Cat7 network cables?

2021-04-21 17:16

In the era of information explosion, almost everyone needs to access the Internet. Almost every place is equipped with a network and a network cable, but you may not know that although the network cable looks the same, there are actually different categories. Here, this article This article will compare the widely used ez cat5e connectors, cat6 ez connectors, Cat6a network cables and Cat7 network cables in the market to help you choose the right connectors.

quality cat6 ez connectors

The working principle of ez cat5e connectors and cat6 ez connectors are the same. They also have the same type of RJ-45 plugs, and can be plugged into any Ethernet jacks on computers, routers or other similar devices. Although they have many similarities, they have some differences. ez cat5e connectors are used in Gigabit Ethernet, with a transmission distance of up to 100m, and can support a transmission speed of 1000Mbps. cat6 ez connectors can provide up to 10Gbps transmission speed in 250MHz bandwidth.

ez cat5e connectors, cat6 ez connectors and Cat6a network cable all have RJ45 connectors, but the connector of Cat7 network cable is more special, and its connector type is GigaGate45 (CG45). At present, cat6 ez connectors and Cat6a network cables have been approved by TIA/EIA standards, but Cat7 network cables are not. Cat6 ez connectors and Cat6a network cables are suitable for home use. On the contrary, if you are running multiple applications, it is best to choose Cat7 network cables, because it is not only Can support multiple applications, and the performance is more outstanding.

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