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What is the difference between China optitap fiber connector and cold connector

2022-08-19 15:07

The optical fiber cold splicer has the same structure principle as the pre-embedded China optitap fiber connector. It is a sub-product of the China optitap fiber connector. Because its shape is similar to the quick connector, many people do not know the difference between the two.

China optitap fiber connector

The difference between the cold splicer and the China optitap fiber connector is that it has no movable plug. It is used to directly and fixedly connect the optical link node when the optical fiber is connected to the optical fiber or the optical fiber and the pigtail. The contact loss is about 0.1dB~0.2 dB. It is mainly used for indoor wiring or wiring in a small space, and the installation is more convenient and flexible.

China optitap fiber connector can adapt to a variety of wiring environments, without other forms of protection, and the loss of optical signals is extremely low, which is an important guarantee for the realization of FTTH fiber optic wiring. The installation of the optical fiber quick connector is very simple, but it should be noted that the China optitap fiber connector is extremely susceptible to contamination and damage, which will lead to damage to the optical fiber performance. During the installation process, it should be kept away from dust and contaminants, and the action should be slow when inserting.


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