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What is ez rj45 connectors?

2021-04-08 16:38

The ez rj45 connectors are the transparent plugs that connect the network card or HUB, and are used to connect the two ends of the twisted pair. RJ-45 is a network interface specification, and similarly there is the RJ-11 interface, which is the "telephone interface" we usually use to connect to the telephone line. The reason why it is called crystal head in China is because of its crystal clear appearance. Both ends of the twisted pair must be installed with ez rj45 connectors so that they can be plugged into the RJ-45 interface of the network card (NIC), hub or switch for network communication.

quality ez rj45 connectors

At present, there are many brands and types of ez rj45 connectors on the market, but if the industry is an industrial customer, ez rj45 connectors are required to have excellent sealing and waterproof performance and ensure that the signal does not attenuate. Such ez rj45 connectors are still relatively few in the market. . The conventional ez rj45 connectors have 8 terminals, which are generally gold-plated, which can be changed according to the requirements of the user. Generally speaking, the greater the u(mai) number of gold plating, the stronger the transmission capacity of electrical signals. Generally, the quality inspection standard that ez rj45 connectors meet is 2000 plug-in times. If the number of plug-in times is lower than this, the ez rj45 connectors are regarded as unqualified products.

ez rj45 connectors

In the development of modern industry, because industrial processing procedures will generate severe heat, dust, moisture, corrosive fluids, gases and/or vibrations and other mechanical forces during the processing, these factors will cause fatal damage to the stable transmission of cable lines. Threatened. Therefore, ez rj45 connectors has launched a series of industrial RJ45 waterproof connectors in response to the above harsh environments: when connected, the waterproof and dustproof IP68 reaches the IP68 level.

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