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What are the uses of optitap adapter

2021-09-29 13:20

Optitap adapter is useful for recording and editing your live performance. To record with a wireless card you need to use the optitap adapter. Most pro microphone's do not have the option to use the wireless card. This is not a problem since you can easily record live.The other nice benefit, is that the software can record from any location. If you want to record you can either set up a remote control, or wire a remote control to your mic. In any case, we recommend you connect the wireless card you are using for recording to a computer to do the processing. One reason for having the optitap adapter is to use it for remote recording. You can use the wireless card in any room where you have WiFi. The advantage of remote recording is that you can take your mic off the wall and use it in any room you want.

optitap adapter
Features of optitap adapter:
1. High performance
2. Low power usage
3. Cheap and fast
4. Easy to use
5. Low cost
Optitap device is one of the best ways to get more information and perform analysis in any area of digital photographyOptitap adapter does not affect digital camera's viewfinder. It will not be detected in mirrorless cameras.Can I use Optitap adapter for other Nikon F mount cameras like FX, D800 etc?You can use the Optitap adapter as a universal adapter to use with any camera that supports MFT mounts at the same time.

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