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What are the precautions for the use of optitap adapter

2021-09-23 13:14

You should carefully read the instructions on the optitap adapter product page before you start. This page has detailed instructions for how to use the optitap adapter.  This adapter requires that you use light diffusors, not strobes that may cause other eye hazards such as fire hazard (burning of glass inside of the goggles). Please keep out of the reach of children and adults Avoid direct sunlight and avoid being within 1.4 metres of a fire or burn hazard.

optitap adapter
A standard 5.5 mm plug is all you need, with any kind of 2.5 mm plug, it will work. You won't need a replacement optical cable, and you cannot buy an adaptor that is smaller than a standard 5.5 mm one.Optitap adapter is designed for a range of video signals. If you use video signals, for example NTSC or PAL, it's fine and free, it's even offered as optional extra included with purchase. If you use composite, like NTSC or PAL, use optical cable, it will make no difference.
Be sure the adapter is properly installed on the radio and then make sure the radio is not in contact with the front wheel well. If the adapter does contact the wheel well this leads to damage to the radio and you'll need a new one.

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