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What are the main functions of ez crimp rj45 connectors

2022-02-23 14:30

The core of the ez crimp rj45 connectors is the modular jack, the gold-plated wire or socket hole can maintain a stable and reliable electrical connection with the modular plug shrapnel. When the die RJ45 plug is inserted, the interface of the plug and the RJ45 jack can produce the maximum pull-out strength. However, due to the friction between the shrapnel and the jack, the electrical contact needs to be further strengthened with the insertion of the ez crimp rj45 connectors. For the wiring on the ez crimp rj45 connectors, the twisted pair is connected through the wire slot, and the locking shrapnel can be used for data transmission connection on the information outlet device such as the panel.

ez crimp rj45 connectors

The ez crimp rj45 connectors are commonly used Ethernet interfaces, which support 10M and 100M adaptive network connection speeds. There are two types of common RJ45 interfaces: DTE types used for Ethernet network cards, router Ethernet interfaces, etc. The DCE type of the switch, etc. DTE can be called "data terminal equipment", and DCE can be called "data communication equipment". In a sense, DTE equipment is called "active communication equipment", and DCE equipment is called "passive communication equipment". When two devices of the same type are connected to communicate using ez crimp rj45 connectors, a crossover cable must be used.

The main body of ez crimp rj45 connectors has the following functions:
1. The contact springs are isolated from each other and cannot be electrically connected.
2. Fix each contact shrapnel.
3. Mechanical protection for each contact shrapnel.
4. The working environment is shielded and protected for each contact shrapnel.
5. Environmental shading is related to the design of the connector body, especially the degree of closure of the connector body. This shading effect is especially important in harsh environments.

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