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The safety maintenance of optitap connector is very important

2021-08-16 17:01

As an indispensable product in our lives, optitap connector is getting closer and closer to our production and life. To put it simply, in our family, as the basic connection of digital and electrical equipment optap connectors, they have entered thousands of families. But how does its function perform? What is its service life? Do they all play their due role? This is a test of modern people's ability to live. Learning to live and learning to use daily necessities to serve our lives is obviously the category of life ability. Although various optitop connectors are different and have different functions, it is actually not difficult to understand these lifespans, especially electromechanical equipment and electrical appliances that adapt to this lifespan are also different. But their principles are actually the same. With a little attention, many problems will be discovered, which are worthy of our study.

optitap connector

Most of the switches of the optitap connector are made of bullet-proof rubber and other materials, which have high heat resistance, explosion resistance, moisture resistance and pressure resistance. First of all, buyers should consider the environment they are using when buying. Several core optitap connectors are needed, and how much current each core must pass through. These problems must be clarified. From the material point of view, the product performance is not very smooth, and it feels like burrs, which is unreliable. The panel of a good switch socket should be free of bubbles, scratches and stains. The touch switch is not tight, and the socket of the socket must be equipped with a protective door. The plug should be inserted and pulled out to a certain extent, and cannot be inserted with one foot.

The important safety index of the optitap connector to prevent electric shock can ensure that plugs, sockets and converters will not cause electric shocks to users and other personnel under normal use, or even accidents. When the plug is fully or partially inserted into the socket, the live part of the plug should be inaccessible. When other pins are in an accessible state, the plug of the plug cannot be inserted into the live socket of the socket. Plug sockets and converters with protective doors should be able to prevent the insertion of single poles or probes. Let's talk about our commonly used electric kettle. There is a downside. Its power supply and optitap connector must be plugged in frequently. Frequent use of optitap connector will affect the service life. It is still the function of connecting both ends, and the transmission is electric current, so if there is a problem, usually the connector problem is more common than the thermos bottle problem.

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