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The role of optitap connector

2022-10-25 15:18

Speaking of optical fiber, I believe everyone will be familiar with it. The full name of optical fiber is called optical fiber. It is a fiber made of glass or plastic that can be used as a light transmission tool. It is currently widely used in communication. Knowing about fiber optics, it should be obvious what a fiber optic connector is. As the name implies, an optical fiber connector is a device that connects one optical fiber to another optical fiber. It is a connecting device that can be repeatedly inserted and inserted between optical fibers, so it is also widely called optical fiber active joints.

optitap connector

According to the structure of its connector, optitap connector is divided into many types, such as FC, SC, ST, LC and other types of connectors. However, it remains the same. The core components of various types of fiber optic connectors are the same, and they all use high-precision components, namely two ferrules and a coupling tube to achieve fiber alignment and connection.

The emergence of various types of optitap connectors solves the problem of fiber optic connections under different conditions. In order to adapt to various environments, the performance characteristics of fiber optic connectors become very important. For example, optical performance, interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength and temperature adaptability of fiber optic connectors have specific requirements. Among them, the optical performance is the most important, which determines the transmission power of the optical fiber. Since the optical fiber connector is a passive device and is a kind of general-purpose device, this requires that the optical fiber connector must be used in any combination and reused, that is, the interchangeability and repeatability of the optical fiber connector are better. In addition, there are requirements in the industry: the tensile strength of optical fiber connectors must not be lower than 90N, and the normal operating temperature range of optical fiber connectors must be between -40°C and 70°C.

After understanding the composition and main performance of the optitap connector, it is not difficult to imagine the role of the fiber optic connector: the fiber optic connector realizes the low-loss connection between the fiber and the relationship or between the fiber and the cable, and it eliminates the impact of the fiber connection on the signal. The resulting impact enables our communication transmissions to be effectively transmitted in different environments. And different types of fiber optic connectors meet our needs in different fiber optic connection situations.

Through the understanding of optitap connector, we can see that the fiber optic connector has excellent performance and outstanding functions, and its application range will not only realize the connection of optical fibers, but also the fiber optic connector has been widely used in optical fiber transmission lines , Optical fiber distribution frame, Optical fiber testing instruments and meters. It is believed that in the near future, the stage of optical fiber connectors will be wider.

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