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The main connection method of quality optitap connector

2022-07-01 11:03

In fiber optic communication (transmission) links, in order to implement different modules. The need for flexible connection between equipment and systems, there must be a device capable of detachable (active) connection between optical fibers, so that the optical path can be transmitted according to the required channels to achieve and complete the intended or desired purpose And requirements, the device that can realize this function is called quality optitap connector.

quality optitap connector

The quality optitap connector fixed connection. It is mainly used for permanent connection between optical fibers in optical cable lines. It is characterized by small joint loss and high mechanical strength.

The quality optitap connector active connections. It is mainly used for the connection between optical fiber and transmission system equipment and instruments, mainly through optical connection plugs. The characteristic is that the joint is more flexible, the connection point is convenient to exchange, and the loss and reflection are large, which are the shortcomings of this connection method.

The quality optitap connector is temporarily connected. This method is generally used to measure the coupling connection between the pigtail and the fiber under test. It is characterized by convenience and flexibility, low cost, and low requirements for loss. This method is often used for temporary measurement.

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