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The docking principle of huawei optical connector

2023-02-07 10:08

Huawei optical connector, as the name implies, is a device that enables a flexible connection between one optical fiber and another optical fiber. It precisely butts the two end faces of the optical fiber, so that the transmitting optical fiber and the receiving optical fiber can be coupled together to the greatest extent, and it can ensure that the connected optical fiber is not affected by the sudden increase of the signal. Optical fiber connectors must first consider the optical performance of the optical fiber connection. In addition, due to various reasons such as the information exchange between the two optical fibers, it is also necessary to consider the degree of adaptability in various aspects such as interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength and temperature.

huawei optical connector

The huawei optical connector cannot be used alone. It must be matched with other connectors of the same type to form the connection of the optical path. At present, the more popular way of assembling and docking the optical fiber connector is: using the epoxy resin heat curing agent, the optical fiber It is glued in the high-precision ceramic ferrule hole, and then the two ferrules are under the action of external force, and through the positioning of the adapter sleeve, the connection between the optical fibers is realized.

The key to ensure the excellent connection quality of the huawei optical connector is to ensure that the two fiber cores that are butted are in a straight line when they are in contact. It mainly depends on the physical properties of the optical fiber itself, the manufacturing accuracy of the connector pins, and the assembly processing accuracy of the connector. At the same time, the optical performance index of the optical fiber and the polishing quality of the ferrule end face also have a direct impact on the optical performance and reliability of the huawei optical connector.

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