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The difference between rj45 cat6 pass through connectors and CAT.6A

2021-07-16 15:27

1. The production process is different: in the RJ45 connector, there is a certain difference in the diagonal distance between the rj45 cat6 pass through connectors and the CAT6A in the production process;

rj45 cat6 pass through connectors

2. Bandwidth requirements, network speeds are different: Cat.6A requires a bandwidth of 500MHZ, which is much higher than the 250MHZ bandwidth required by rj45 cat6 pass through connectors. The frequency of 250MHz is difficult to support the transmission rate of 10Gbase-T; the originally estimated limit frequency of 625MHz has been replaced by the current 500MHz, so choosing different RJ45 connectors can bring different work efficiency in our work. .

3. Parameter requirements are more stringent: Cat.6A defines a higher bandwidth and carries more information, so it has stricter requirements on various performance parameters; for example, for the same frequency, rj45 cat6 pass through connectors require smaller insertion loss .

4. Changes in parameter names: ELFEXT and PS ELFEXT in rj45 cat6 pass through connectors disappeared and replaced by ACR-F and PSACR-F. ACR near-end crosstalk and attenuation difference: refers to the difference between near-end crosstalk loss and attenuation. ACR is a very important physical quantity and an indicator of the signal-to-noise ratio on the pair. When ACR=0, it indicates that the signal strength transmitted on the pair is consistent with the noise strength, and the receiver cannot identify which signals are useful and which are noise signals.

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