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Test the reliability of ez rj45 connectors for sensors

2021-11-10 15:49

Reliable measurement data of ez rj45 connectors is very important to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment, especially when testing the connectors specially used by the sensor, a variety of environmental factors need to be considered, and accurate data transmission is required even in the case of vibration The miniaturized connector solution. In this article, Xinpengbo connector manufacturers mainly share solutions for testing the reliability of sensor-specific connectors!

ez rj45 connectors

The paired use of ez rj45 connectors and sensors is very common in IoT applications. As sensors must transmit small analog signals from the process to the control computer at a higher speed, this is a major challenge, especially for those with multiple integrations. For Dimension's small sensors, the connector products used with it must also have corresponding transmission performance and miniaturization technology.

Therefore, in order to ensure the quality and reliability of ez rj45 connectors and sensors used together, some standard performance testing processes are usually carried out on them. However, many factors may be encountered during the test. For example, the connector is easy to vibrate, is too heavy, complicated to assemble, and is not waterproof, and the vibration or movement of the machine at the solder joint will cause the connector to lose connection, resulting in measurement. Errors and machine shutdowns fix them.

The best sturdy ez rj45 connectors solution is small enough to be easily integrated into the sensor, but has the required 24 contacts, can withstand liquids up to IP68 safety protection level, and ensures that even under high acceleration and high It can maintain fast, stable and reliable data transmission performance even under vibration.


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