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Teach you two tricks to quickly distinguish whether Huawei Fast Connector is an electronic component

2022-03-23 11:47

For those in the non-component industry, there must have been such confusion in their hearts is Huawei Fast Connector an electronic component? Let's take a look at this issue together

Huawei Fast Connector

To judge whether your Huawei Fast Connector is an electronic component, you can distinguish it in this way. For example, the connector product you use is used for circuits or electrical circuits, then it must belong to an electronic component product. Generally speaking, connectors as electronic components have certain requirements for electrical performance, such as dielectric strength, creepage distance, current and voltage, and some have requirements for solderability, plugging force, etc. If your Huawei Fast Connector is only used for non-circuit or electrical connections, such as flange connectors, to connect air pipes or water pipes, it is definitely not within the scope of electronic components.

In short, learning to distinguish whether the Huawei Fast Connector is an electronic component is enough to keep two points in mind. The above content is an analysis of whether the Huawei Fast Connector is an electronic component. As long as the user can understand the above two points well, they can clearly distinguish whether a connector is an electronic component product.

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