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Selection principle of reinforced connector

2021-05-25 09:11

1) Electrical factors

Reinforced connector current requirements: high current, low current, signal level; determines the type of terminal/size of contact section/steady state, cycle, transient, wire diameter/insulation layer requirements: voltage drop and/or corrosion resistance; Determines the center distance of the connector.

reinforced connector

2) Location/environment
Reinforced connector temperature: engine compartment-sealed, ambient temperature> 105oC, vibration, fluid compatibility; passenger compartment-non-sealed, ambient temperature <85oC, mainly due to the size factor.

3) Sealing: potential high-pressure spray/splash; potential immersion; humidity; fluid type; for the reinforced connector, whether the equipment is sealed.

4) Customer preference
Preferred product strategy: dominated by procurement-need to reduce the cost of the reinforced connector system; determined by design competition; specific applications.

5) Regional preference
In many instances, the wiring harness supplier has a very important influence. The design of the terminal contact in Europe has a great influence/developed with major automakers; two-piece terminals are preferred, even if the cost pressure and North American transplantation business force the whole vehicle The factory considers North American technology.

Asia: Traditionally affected, the key lies in the relationship between good quality and trust; very much attention is paid to the assembly ability (ergonomics) that affects quality assurance; North America influences China to change the status quo. Low-cost solutions are the focus.

6) Physical factors
Reinforced connector size; number of loops; mating position; wiring harness docking or device connection; manual docking capability; multi-type connectors for high input/output applications.

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