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Principle and performance analysis of optitap connector

2021-05-17 18:55

The principle and performance analysis of optitap connector There are currently more than 70 types of optitap connectors in the world, and new varieties are still emerging, but the mainstream varieties on the market are still the precision ceramic ferrules and ceramic tubes with a diameter of φ2.5mm that were used earlier ( Such as FC, SC, ST, etc.) composed of connectors. In addition, the demand for φ1.25mm ceramic cores (such as LC, MU, etc.) and multi-core connectors (such as MTP, etc.) based on strip-shaped optitap connectors are gradually increasing. Generally speaking, the main optical performance indicators for the product quality of optitap connector are insertion loss (Insertloss) and return loss (Returnloss). In addition, the impact of physical characteristics such as the geometric parameters of the ferrule end face on the reliability of product quality has attracted more and more attention from system manufacturers and high-end users.

optitap connector

Starting from the working principle of optitap connector, a brief introduction to the insertion and return loss of the connector is made: optitap connector cannot be used alone, and must be mutually matched with other similar connectors to form an optical connection. At present, a popular assembly and docking method Yes: Adopt epoxy resin thermosetting agent to bond the optical fiber to the precision ceramic socket, and then make the two pins under the action of external force, through the positioning of the adapter sleeve, to realize the butt connection between the optical fibers. The two optical fiber cores must be kept in a straight line when they are connected. This is the key to ensuring good connection quality of the optitap connector, which mainly depends on the physical properties of the optical fiber itself, the manufacturing accuracy of the connector plug, and the assembly processing accuracy of the connector.

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