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Precautions for the production of huawei fiber optic connectors

2021-10-13 13:48

As a kind of electronic connection components, huawei fiber optic connectors have a very wide range of applications in our production and work. Many current technology products are used for signal transmission, and the connection between plates and plates. Many of these are used by huawei. Fiber optic connectors. In modern life, this kind of huawei fiber optic connectors can be seen almost everywhere. Therefore, as a bridge of information transmission, the quality of huawei fiber optic connectors is very critical and will directly affect the application efficiency of electronic products. Therefore, in the process of making huawei fiber optic connectors, we must pay attention to screening and strict checks. So what aspects need to be paid attention to at the same time by manufacturers and sellers.

huawei fiber optic connectors

1. Wire cutting: check whether the specification type of the wire is accurate; whether the specification meets the requirements; the blocking must be flat, the wire must not be scratched, and the wire is not dirty.
2. Stripping: Check whether the stripping port is flush, core wires, marshalling wires, etc. cannot be stripped, and the stripping specifications are accurate.
3. Marshalling treatment: Is the trimming specification accurate, whether the trimming is even, and the core wire should not be damaged when trimming and marshalling.
4. Stripping the inner skin: check whether the stripping opening is flat; whether the stripping specification is accurate; whether the core wire is stripped or the copper wire is broken; the insulator must not fall when it is half-stripped.
5.Sleeve shortening tube: check whether the specifications and types of shortening tubes for huawei fiber optic connectors are accurate.

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