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2022 06-08

What are the performance of china optitap connector

The performance of the china optitap connector, first of all, the optical performance, in addition to the interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature and insertion and removal times of the optical fiber connector.
2022 06-01

The structure of china optitap connector

When installing any fiber optic system, consideration must be given to connecting optical fibers or cables to each other in a low-loss method to achieve optical link splicing. The connection of optical fiber links can be divided into two types: permanent and active.
2022 05-25

How to choose the right Huawei FastConnect

When choosing the connector for the power signal, pay more attention to the current carrying capacity of the Huawei FastConnect, adopt a derating design, and pay attention to the insulation withstand voltage between the pins.
2022 05-18

The secret to easily picking ez rj45 connectors

When many users choose ez rj45 connectors, they have racked their brains and have not made the final purchase. As a professional rj45 engineer, I can't help but wonder, is it really so difficult to choose ez rj45 connectors?
2022 05-11

Assembly factor analysis of optitap fiber connector

The final stage of optitap fiber connector production is the assembly of the finished product. There are two ways to connect the plated pins with the injection box base: independent plug-in or combined plug-in.
2022 05-04

What are the four major benefits of using reinforced connectors

In modern society, the application scope of reinforced connectors can be said to be very broad. In fact, the reasons for the rapid development of the reinforced connector industry can be mentioned from four factors.
2022 04-20

What are the advantages of using fiber optic connectors

With the continuous development of optical fiber communication technology, especially the development of high-speed local area network and optical access network, the application of fiber optic connectors in optical fiber systems will be more extensive.
2022 04-12

Development trend of reinforced connector industry

As a bridge of communication within the circuit system, the reinforced connector has the characteristics of easy maintenance and upgrade. At the same time, it can simplify the assembly process of electronic products and improve the flexibility of design and production, thereby improving the automation of the entire system and reducing costs.
2022 04-06

What should be paid attention to when using the huawei mini sc adapter terminal block in a water heater

In the water heater, there is a very important component that is the wiring terminal. If the wiring terminal is not properly handled, it is likely to cause problems such as personal safety and property damage to the user.
2022 03-30

How to choose a high-quality waterproof huawei optical connector manufacturer

In the component market, more and more connector products have waterproof performance, and the waterproof demand of huawei optical connectors has gradually become a trend. So do you know which manufacturer of waterproof huawei optical connector is better?

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