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Little knowledge about ez rj45 crimper

2022-09-09 14:30

Among the commonly used tools of electricians, ez rj45 crimper is a tool used to connect wires such as copper and aluminum. Here, I will talk about the classification of crimping tools and the use of crimping tools for your reference. ez rj45 crimper is a wire crimping pliers. It is a tool for cold pressing to connect copper, aluminum and other wires. It is often used in aluminum stranded wire and steel core aluminum stranded wire laying facilities. And often used with ez rj45 connectors.

ez rj45 crimper

Before pressing ez rj45 connectors, we need to prepare the following tools: ez rj45 connectors, ez rj45 crimper, twisted pair cable, wire tester.

The first step is to peel the network cable, put the network cable into the ez rj45 crimper and rotate it for one week at a constant speed.
The second step is to untie and straighten the four pairs of wiring harnesses, and then sort the eight wiring harnesses in sequence according to the T-568B standard.
The third step, use ez rj45 crimper to cut the network cable half a centimeter away from the network cable.
The fourth step, put the neatly cut network cable into ez rj45 connectors.
The fifth step, put the end of the network cable into the ez rj45 crimper and compact it. Be careful to align the notches and do not crush them.

ez rj45 crimper

When buying ez rj45 connectors and ez rj45 crimper, you should pay attention to the problem. When buying ez rj45 connectors, don’t choose too cheap ez rj45 connectors, because such ez rj45 connectors often use insufficient materials or ez rj45 connectors are of different sizes. For example, replace the copper contacts of ez rj45 connectors with aluminum or iron and then coat the surface with copper. Such ez rj45 connectors cannot be used because they are easy to oxidize, break and fall off.

In addition, due to its non-standard size, the ez rj45 crimper cannot locate the contacts when making the network cable, so that the crimped ez rj45 connectors cannot be used at all, and the plugged network interface is not strong and causes network failure. It should also be noted that you have to buy a good quality ez rj45 crimper, and you must not buy too cheap products. The ez rj45 connectors made by such products cannot be used.

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