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How to replace cat5e pass through connectors

2021-07-09 18:15

Step 1: Remove the old cat5e pass through connectors

The crimping tool can cut the broken ends of cat5e pass through connectors. Just pass the cable through the tool and squeeze the handle, cut it with a blade, just make sure that the cable is long enough to meet your needs.

cat5e pass through connectors

Step 2: Strip the wires

Exactly the same as cutting the old cat5e pass through connectors, the crimping tool can also strip the wires so that they can reach the eight internal wires. Pass the wire through the tool, making sure that the wire is contained in the semicircle so that it does not cut completely. The blade should not pinch the cable, just touch enough to cut the outside. Make sure that about two inches of wire stick out on the other side so you can use and squeeze the tool. While fully squeezing it, rotate the crimper so that the blade completely cuts all sides of the wire. Rotate completely a few times to make sure it is completely cut off. Then, unplug the external wires you cut, leaving only eight colored wires.

Step 3: Unfold and straighten the wire

Next, simply untie the wires so that there are eight instead of four intertwined.

Step 4: Position the wire

Now select the hardware. The eight wires need to be run in a specific order to run. On closer inspection, there are four colors: orange, blue, green and brown. One thread of each color is solid, and the other white thread is a colored stripe.

Step 5: Cut the wires to length

This step will take some time and repeated trials. The wires need to be cut so that the shielding and protecting the colored wires are crimped inside the ends of the cat5e pass through connectors you are about to wear. You can use the blade on the crimper to cut the wire in the same way you cut the old end.

Step 6: End of placement and crimping

When the cat5e pass through connectors are open and all wires touch the ends, place the ends in the slots shown above the crimp and squeeze the tool. Make sure the end is fully in and make sure to squeeze completely, and it's done.

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