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How to choose high quality optitap connector

2022-02-09 17:06

When you need to use optitap connectors, you will definitely choose and purchase on the market, but do you really know how to choose correctly? The following will introduce you how to choose a high-quality optitap connector, so that you can Easily avoid all kinds of blind spots, stop buying foolishly!

quality optitap connector

The optitap connector is widely used in various circuits and is used to connect or disconnect circuits. The correct choice of aviation plug is also an important aspect to improve the reliability of optitap connector. The functionality of the connector can only be maximized by working with the manufacturer and the user.

Select the rated voltage of the high-quality optitap connector

The rated voltage, also known as the working voltage, mainly depends on the insulating material used in the optitap connector and the spacing between the contact pairs. Some components or devices may not perform their intended function below their rated voltage. In fact, the voltage rating of the connector is the maximum working voltage recommended by the manufacturer. In principle, the operating temperature of the optitap connector is much lower than the rated voltage. According to the indicators, the rated voltage should be reasonably selected according to the use environment and safety level requirements. That is to say, according to different use environments and safety requirements, the same withstand voltage indicator can use different maximum working voltages. This is also in line with objective use.

Select the rated current of the high-quality optitap connector

The rated current is also called the working current. Like the rated voltage, optitap connectors usually work well below the rated current. During the design of the optitap connector, the thermal current of the connector is designed to meet the rated current requirements, because the contact pair generates heat due to conductor resistance when current flows through the contact pair. Contact resistance. When the heat exceeds a certain limit, it can damage the insulation of the aviation plug and soften the surface coating, which can lead to failure. Therefore, to limit the rated current, it is actually necessary to limit the temperature rise inside the aviation plug not to exceed the design value. The problem to pay attention to when choosing is that the rated current of the multi-core optitap connector must be reduced, and more attention should be paid to this in the case of high current.

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