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Fiber to the Antenna Solutions for Macro Cell Sites

2020-08-20 16:51

Finally, RRU deployment that makes (dollars and) sense
Densification for LTE and 5G networks in both macro cells and outdoor small cells are driving the need for versatile options in fiber connectivity to the RRU more than ever before. Choosing the most suitable fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) configuration can be time consuming and complex.


Hybrid solutions include:
Hybrid pendant is an advanced plug-and-play solution that incorporates a low-profile breakout terminal with hybrid ports to reduce complexity, save tower space and accelerate deployments.
Hybrid direct is another plug-and-play solution that saves space and installation time with its breakout assembly that includes pre-attached hybrid cable legs.
Hybrid standard is ideal where flexibility of trunked cables and distribution boxes are preferred. Options available to support up to 12 RRUs from a single trunk.
Individual hybrid sector feeds individual hybrid cable from the basestation to each sector—an economical solution that saves tower space and installation time.
Discrete solutions include:

Discrete fiber drop cable solutions for outdoor small cell deployments, terminated for connectivity between RRUs and wireline terminals to support convergence for Smart Cities, as well as daisy-chaining between sectors or sites.
Discrete plug-and-play fiber enclosure is an all-in-one fiber solution that accelerates deployments and supports up to six RRUs.
Discrete fiber and power cabling with installation options as separate runs or using a junction box are economical solutions that provide design flexibility where separate power and fiber configurations are desired.
Choose the smart, simple, flexible way to personalize and roll out your FTTA strategy.

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