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Development trend of reinforced connector industry

2022-04-12 16:34

As a bridge of communication within the circuit system, the reinforced connector has the characteristics of easy maintenance and upgrade. At the same time, it can simplify the assembly process of electronic products and improve the flexibility of design and production, thereby improving the automation of the entire system and reducing costs. Therefore, the performance of the reinforced connector will affect the operating efficiency and reliability of the entire system. In the future, the diversity, performance and quality of connector products will become an important factor in the upgrading and development of the entire manufacturing industry. High-performance connections are widely used. It is the trend of future manufacturing industry development.

reinforced connector

Four development trends of the reinforced connector industry: high frequency and high speed, wireless transmission, miniaturization, and intelligence.

With the rapid development of 5G, Internet of Things, AI, and intelligent driving, the market has put forward new demands for reinforced connector technology, and more emerging fields have strong demand for connectors. Therefore, in communication equipment, the connector carries the task of data connection between terminals, and the development of 5G will promote the growth of the demand for wireless connectors. In automotive applications, with the continuous progress of automotive intelligence, in addition to the data connection of the original engine management system and other equipment that requires connectors, more advanced in-vehicle entertainment systems, intelligent driving systems, etc. have more and more demand for connectors. In industry, reinforced connectors require stronger reliability and performance, and with the construction of the Industrial Internet, more reliable connectors are required between industrial equipment and networks.

Traditional reinforced connectors only transmit a single signal, such as video, control or data signals. As electronic products become thinner and lighter, connectors change from single signal transmission to multiple signal transmission. The same cable can transmit light, electricity or other signals at the same time, so It is also conducive to saving space and improving system reliability.

The previous reinforced connectors were used for many contacts, and they were filled in many expansion card slots, but in the 5G era, there may be dozens of connectors in a fiber optic device, which requires the use of smaller connectors to achieve higher performance connections .

With the advent of the AI ​​era, reinforced connectors will not only realize simple transmission functions. In the future, in switching power supplies, in addition to ensuring the data of electrical signals, connectors may be able to perform simple intelligent judgment and protection, output correct data and avoid power supply. of damage. Smaller, more convenient, more precise, lower cost and smarter connector technology will be the development trend.

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