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Connection steps of customized optitap connector

2022-07-28 11:07

Through the understanding of the customized optitap connector, we can see that the customized optitap connector has excellent performance and outstanding function, and its application scope will not only realize the connection of optical fibers, but also the customized optitap connector has been widely used in optical fiber transmission. Lines, fiber optic patch panels, fiber optic test instruments and meters. It is believed that in the near future, the stage of customized optitap connector will be wider.

customized optitap connector

1. The customized optitap connector is a highly innovative field-terminated connector that contains factory-installed optical fibers, pre-polished ceramic ferrules, and a mechanical splicing mechanism.

2. When terminating, just insert the incoming optical fiber or indoor optical fiber into the mechanical splicing mechanism without the help of other tools. The termination process only takes about 2 minutes, which greatly saves the installation time.

3. The ferrule and end face inside the customized optitap connector are pre-ground and pre-polished before leaving the factory. The mechanical splicing mechanism is located at the end of the ferrule to fix the inserted optical fiber.

4. The mechanical splicing mechanism is mainly composed of V-shaped grooves and clamping elements; when the optical fiber needs to be inserted, the V-shaped groove is opened with a wedge-shaped clamp to facilitate the smooth insertion of the optical fiber.

5. After the customized optitap connector is inserted into the V-groove and fixed, pull out the wedge-shaped clip from the V-groove.

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