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Composition and function of optitap connector

2021-08-31 14:52

The optitap connector is a passive optical device that uses a certain mechanical and optical structure to precisely connect the two end faces of the optical fiber with an adapter to achieve physical contact between the end faces of the optical fiber, so that the light energy output by the transmitting fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber to the greatest extent Go in. The optitap connector is the basic element in optical components. In addition to realizing the connection between optical fibers, it also has the function of connecting optical fibers and cables, active devices, other passive devices, systems and instruments.

optitap connector

optitap connector function
(1) A continuous light path can be formed
(2) Repeatable loading and unloading
(3) Actively connect with active or passive devices
(4) Active connection with system and instrument

The optitap connector is widely used in long-distance trunk networks, metropolitan area networks, access networks, optical fiber CATV networks, optical fiber data networks, DWDM systems and other optical communications, optical sensors and other optical fiber applications. It is currently the most used optical passive device.

The optitap connector can be divided into three parts according to the structure
(1) Ceramic ferrule
(2) Connection structure (composition of parts)
(3) Optical fiber and cable

The optitap connector is divided into PC (Non-angled Physical Contact) and APC (Angled Physical Contact) according to the shape of the end surface. The end surface of the APC connector is generally ground to an 8 degree inclination angle. The APC angled ball end face connector can produce greater return loss when contacted, and its value can reach 50-70dB, while the return loss of the general PC end face connector is about 30-40dB, only due to the angular position requirements, APC connection The device manufacturing process will be slightly more complicated.

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