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Application scenarios of huawei fiber optic connectors

2023-02-27 10:11

Optical communication transmission technology has attracted widespread attention due to its excellent transmission characteristics such as large communication capacity, high fidelity, strong anti-interference ability, and abundant raw material sources. In the 1970s, optical fiber, as an excellent optical transmission medium, enabled the application and popularization of optical transmission technology. As a transmission medium, optical fiber will inevitably produce various connections when it reaches the terminal. The research, development and application of huawei fiber optic connectors came into being to ensure reliable connection between optical fibers.

huawei fiber optic connectors

When using huawei fiber optic connectors, connect the fiber optic lines at both ends to the interface of the connector, so that the two sections of fiber are connected precisely, and the output of the transmitting fiber is coupled to the receiving fiber to the maximum extent. The uses of fiber optic couplers include: insertion loss, additional loss, splitting ratio, etc., and isolation, which refers to the isolation ability of a certain optical path of an optical splitter from optical signals in other optical paths.

The above is the introduction of huawei fiber optic connectors. At present, huawei fiber optic connectors have been widely used in optical fiber transmission lines, optical distribution frames, optical fiber test instruments and meters. It is believed that in the near future, the stage of huawei fiber optic connectors will be broader.

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