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Application of Huawei Fast Connector

2021-06-10 17:20

Huawei Fast Connector, SC optical fiber quick connector, FC optical fiber quick connect connector, field assembled optical fiber connector, FTTH optical fiber cold splice, optical fiber quick connector, optical fiber cold splice, FTTH quick splice, SC cold splice, SC optical fiber field connector, also known as optical fiber quick connector, is also called optical fiber joint.

Huawei Fast Connector products

The pre-installed Huawei Fast Connector is ground at both ends of the factory. The complete two optical fiber end faces are aligned in the V-shaped groove through the ceramic ferrule, and the end faces are elastically bonded, and the optical fiber is glued to the ceramic ferrule through the V-shaped groove to achieve Low-loss conduction of optical signal; box-built structure, good sealing, matching liquid is not easy to lose, and strong weather resistance. Screw type fastening, suitable for the end of butterfly optical cable and yellow cable.

Huawei Fast Connector is suitable for single-mode fiber optic cables with single-mode cable, which can be quickly terminated and interconnected in the field. The color of the V-groove compression-fixed cover with a screw locking device at the tail of the Huawei Fast Connector is black, and the length of the cable at the household end is controllable.

Huawei Fast Connector is easy to operate, and the operation effect is visually inspected, and the quality of the connection can be quickly judged, avoiding post-correction and reducing construction costs.

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