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Shenzhen Angnet Technology Limited is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cabling and network cabling with more than 10 years experience, with professional production experience and best after-sales service, we commit to have close cooperation with telecom companies all over the world. Company relying on high-quality management, developing human resources, product update, and efforts to reduce production costs. We graduately improve our domestic and international competitiveness, now our products are exporting over 60 countries. Talent and technology is the constant development of our company. Main products:Fiber optic cables, Fiber Optic Connector, MTP/MPO cables, PLC splitters, fiber optic jumpers/pigtails, fiber optic accessories;Network Cable, Path cord, RJ45 connectors and accessories; Certification:ISO9001, UL, CE, FCC ,ROHS. Angnet win the the honorary title of National High-tech enterprise by Shenzhen government in 2018.Our high quality products and outstanding service win the customer from all the world. Angent look forward to working with you !




Founded in--2003                       5000㎡+--Factory                         280+--Workes                      $100+ million--Annual Sales 




Our Vision

Telecommunications and data are becoming increasingly relied upon, in speed and integrity, which produces added strain on system installers and integrators by the end user. 
We want to relieve this strain by offering robust, readily-available products with the latest technological advances, to ensure the future of communications is better and brighter than ever.


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