Product Model Outdoor Aerial All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Fiber Optical Cable Product Description ADSS(All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Optical Cable) it has unique structure, good insulation and high temperature resistance, as well as high tensile strength, and is a non-metallic optical cable composed entirely of dielectric materials and containing necessary support systems. It is mainly used in overhead high-voltage transmission systems and can also be used for communication lines in lightning prone areas, large-span and other overhead laying environments, it provides a fast and economical transmission channel for power communication systems.

Angnet's OptiTap/H connector assemblies provide a robust and sealed connection solution for fiber to the home (FTTH) connectivity. The hardened connector end incorporates an SC/APC type connection within a slim, sealed, threaded polymer housing allowing easy connection to either a multiport terminal or in-line extension receptacle. The SC/APC connector mates to a standard adapter, providing a common interface for FTTH applications. Available with flat drop or traditional round style OSP cables, the hardened connector provides an ideal solution for direct burial, conduit, or aerial installations.

MPO/MTP trunk multicore cable assemblies facilitate rapid deployment of high density backbone cabling in data centers and other high fiber environment, reducing network installation or reconfiguration time and cost, they are used to interconnect cassettes, plane or fan outs. It offered in fiber types in standard 8, 12, 24 or 48 cores versions using a compact and rugged microcables structure.The compact cable optimize cableway use and improve airflow.These MPO/MTP cable are built with highest quality components.Low loss elite versions are offered, featuring low insertion loss for demanding high speed networks where power budgets are critical.

ANGNET MPO / MTP patch cord are designed to high density multifibers solutions,fit for different installation environment and easy to install between the trunk line,data centers and buildings.Our trunk cables are 100% factory tested and can meet your special requirements.All the MPO/MTP connector compliance with Telcordia GR-1435-Core Compliant.

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